Things were very messy, and I just couldn't quite get things in order in my mind. Rachel helped me prioritise, and we spoke about everything from where I should live, to how to change careers, to blog content and creation. She helped me focus on what is important to me by asking questions that forced me to consider all the angles and possibilities. 


The hours spent with Rachel were like pieces of a puzzle; after a few sessions, I had formed a clear understanding of where I am in life now, and more importantly, where I want to be based on my hopes, dreams and values. Rachel let me guide the sessions, making sure we covered what would help most and in the particular style I preferred. 


After sessions with Rachel, I always felt motivated; that's the beauty of what she does. I have already recommended Rachel as a coach to my friends. I believe her approach is adaptable and will be suitable for a variety of people. Coaching sessions with Rachel have actually altered my life in many positive ways, and as a result of our sessions I am making real life changes that have made me feel far more content. Thank you Rachel!



Rachel has been fantastic in helping me through a transition in my life from leaving the corporate world, to setting up my own company. Every time I speak to her she really helps me to organise my thoughts, make actionable goals and have increased clarity on both personal and business situations. I would highly recommend working with her!



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