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5 Ways to Elevate your Work from Home Space

Many of us find ourselves working from home more than ever before, potentially for the first time. Out of necessity we may have thrown together a lackluster work space that does the job but doesn't inspire us to do our best work. Here's 5 simple ways to elevate your work from home space.

1. Prioritise your Posture

Ergonomics are super duper important. You don't want to be giving yourself back problems, eye problems, wrist problems or any other type of injury you can incur from not having a decent work set up.

Where possible follow these simple rules.

a) keep the top of your screen level to your eyes - this will prevent strain on your neck and help stop you from slouching.

b) keep everything you need within easy reach - this will prevent overreaching which causes unnecessary strain on muscles.

c) Support your lower back - try wherever possible to sit at a desk or table, working from the sofa or your bed is really not good for your back and will give you aches and pains in no time.

I've linked some handy products for you if you're looking to improve your posture while working from home.

I have this Torkel Desk Chair from Ikea which is £45. It's super comfy!

Why not give a standing desk a go to make sure you're not sat down for the whole day! This one from Wayfair is £59

2. Windows are Wonderful

If you can, position your working set up so that you can see out of a window while you work.

We all know natural light is good for us. More than that however I find being able to see the outside world makes me feel more productive, less confined to my workspace, more energised and more inspired.

If I'm thinking through strategies, solving problems or trying to come up with new ideas being able to see the sky really helps my imagination and creative thinking.

So if your desk is currently facing a wall, can you swivel it so you can see the sunshine?

3. Plants are Life

I'm sure you've heard this one before but I can't not include it. Plants are amazing.

There are some crazy stats out there about how plants increase productivity by a huge amount. That's not surprising given they literally make the air cleaner around us. If you can, give a home to one or two to brighten up your home office and help you breath a little easier.

If, like me, you're nor all that good at keeping plants alive I've linked below some low maintenance options. If you're really like me and have zero chance of keeping anything alive then you could even opt for an artificial plant - placebo affect is very real my friends!

Here's a few options from that are super forgiving on the maintenance front!

4. Let There Be Light

I don't need to tell you that having a well lit work area is super important. As mentioned earlier being able to work in a position near a window will help ensure you're getting a good dose of that wonderful sunlight. It will boost your productivity and energy ten fold.

If getting yourself by a window isn't an option you need to be a little more creative about your lighting options to ensure your work space is well lit.

This is a great option with a little extra storage from Wayfair at £49.20

This Ikea option is a bargain at only £6!

5. Add a Touch of Inspiration

If you're anything like me, you may be prone to getting a bit distracted when working from home.

I can put a load of washing on, see what my flatmate is up to, my room could do with a bit of a hoover... and so it goes on.

I like putting things around my workspace that help me to stay motivated and to remember why I'm working in the first place.

This might be inspirational quotes (they don't work for everyone but I love a good quote), a picture of friends and family that you want to make proud of you, a picture of something you're saving up for. Whatever it is that will give you a little nudge to say "you got this".

This one helps me stop faffing if you need less of nudge and more of a hard shove in the right direction...

I hope you've found something among these 5 tips that will help you elevate your work from space a little and help you to find energy, productivity and purpose in your work.

I love seeing other people's work from home setups, so do tag me in a picture of yours on Instagram @she_livestofly

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