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I believe everyone deserves to live a life they love. Figuring out your priorities, your values and your goals will help you to live a life of purpose and joy and I'd love to help you get there.

I design bespoke coaching programmes for you and your individual goals (I've given a few examples below)

To discuss your options for life coaching please book a free, no obligation discover session. 



To help you get clarity on your direction, values and purpose to set you on the right track

How it works: 

1) You complete the audit questions and send it over to me 

2) I will return it back to you within 1 week with 10 pages of feedback and recommendations of next steps and additional resources. 

The Audit Covers: 

- Personal Values Exercise 

- Skills Assessment 

- Blockers and Challenges 


LIFE Strategy 

Perfect those that want some more hands on support with their next steps




- The Life Audit 

- 1 x 2 hour Life Strategy Session where we will agree goals and actionable steps for the next few months 

- Recommended resources and reading list to support you moving forward with your goals and elevating your mindset 

- Free 1 year Life Check Up

LIFE Coaching 

For longer term support to keep you accountable to your goals and to support your career transformation



- The Life Audit 

- I will design you a bespoke coaching programme based on your unique needs with a minimum of 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions

- Transactional Analysis Session to better understand your personal drivers

- Recommended resources and reading list to support you moving forward, develop your own skills and mindset and level up your life. 

- Free annual Life Check Up