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Sophie H 

Founder and Director Marketing Consultancy

Rachel has been fantastic in helping me through a transition in my life from leaving the corporate world, to setting up my own company. Every time I speak to her she really helps me to organise my thoughts, make actionable goals and have increased clarity on both personal and business situations. I would highly recommend working with her!


Senior Admin Officer, Higher Education

Through coaching I have learned that I have developed a lot of limiting habits and negative self-talk over time without ever really realising... I feel like I know myself so much better now and have some useful tools to combat negative self-talk and keep recognising and combatting my limiting behaviours.

Sophie C

Data Analyst and Blogger

Things were very messy, and I just couldn't quite get things in order in my mind...after a few sessions, I had formed a clear understanding of where I am in life now, and more importantly, where I want to be based on my hopes, dreams and values.